Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Hate Courtesy of Ventura County, California

For your reading pleasure. A smattering of comments posted by VC residents in my local rag. Enjoy!

Posted by Pookaluke in response to a story of a local church honoring 4 homeless people that lost their lives:

“Leftist-liberalism has now really taken their wackoism too far. A, "National Homeless Memorial Day" for crying out loud? I'm not against helping homeless people by any means, but to relate a "national homeless day," to maybe that of our special "memorial day" in May to honor our military dead is just ludicrous. Why not honor homeless folks who've gotten a job and got back on their feet. Look people make choices that get them in their predicaments. This story is just another leftist-liberal jab that keeps getting jammed down our throats!

Many homeless folks don't want to help themselves.

It won't be soon that the leftist-liberals will concoct a memorial day for just about every segment of society.”

Posted by FergusTwoarJr in response to a story about a bicyclist who was hit and killed by a motorist:

“Like my Uncle Ervin always says, if you're going to be stupid, be prepared to die.”

Posted by Handy_Hood in response to a story about a local flight school owned by an Italian-American that caters to Indians, Europeans and Middle-Easterners:

“An Italian (socialist) teaching middle eastern (jihad)to fly in America. Nah, no suspicion there!!!”

Posted by Frank14 in response to a story detailing the 2009 growth rate of Ventura County:

“So more productive citizens moved out of the state to be replaced by illegal aliens?”

Posted by Irgvanman#241659 in response to that same story:

“Sad to say I have thoughts on leaving as many others have. I know if I did, I would be replaced by my conquering neighbor of the South who seem to be buying up much of the foreclosures. Remember the "Day without a Mexican" protest? A day without a white man is not possible due to the fact that many of these folks have interbred and are now mixed Caucasians. Ever notice that? Communication with them often is hindered while they are speaking the other white man's language of which originated from Europe's Spain.”

Posted by Tanker in response to that same story:

“Obama is an alien.”

Posted by CherokeeKid in response to a story about the EPA’s determination that Greenhouse gases endanger human health:

“Just more power grabbing fascism from the Marxist Obama administration.”

Posted by TO_cracker in response to a story about the dedication of a Habitat for Humanity duplex:

“Giving away condos to illegal aliens does nothing to help the community. It just makes the news and encourages more economic refugees from around the world to come here and sop up the gravy.”

Posted by WakeUpObamaDrones in response to a story on the local unemployment rate:

“Since Bush has left office, we have already had the WORST TERRORIST ATTACK since 9/11 under Obama's watch! And trust me, what happened at Fort Hood is going to look like a "day at Disneyland" compared to what is coming! Obama and his ilk are making it VERY easy for the terrorists to attack us again. But NEXT time, it will be MUCH worse! And I PRAY I am wrong!
But the people that I know who deal with protecting america tell me their coming and it's going to be bad!

And do you think it's a "great idea" to give MORE RIGHTS to TERRORISTS than Obama does to our own TROOPS? Which he most certainly is!

No Bob, unlike A Obama Drone, I can debate anybody all day long. Why? Because the "truth will set you free"!

And the TRUTH is that Obama is COMMITTED to defeating the United States from WITHIN!

Do I think he hates America and is trying to destroy us? YES, and he'll say it too. Just lisen to his "apology tours in foreign countires" and you'll hear it with your own ears!

It would be one thing if Obama was just dumb and didn't know the HARM he is causing America!
But Obama is NOT dumb. He is an evil, caculating Marxist, who is trying to destroy America to the point where we will NOT be the most powerful Country on earth ever again!

Barrack Hussein Obama is the most DANGEROUS threat to America since Adolph Hitler!

But the difference is, Obama WILL be successful if DESTROYING America!!

God Help US!!!!!!!!!!!!”

God help us indeed!

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